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A Day Long to Be Remembered - Signed by Author Michael Burlingame & Photographer Robert Shaw

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Gettysburg, the place of legends, the site of the largest battle on the American continent, inspiring a unique dedication ceremony, a national cemetery, compelling President Abraham Lincoln to come to Gettysburg to deliver what would become the most iconic speech in the history of the United States. 

  • Printed and bound in the United States of America
  • 220 pages
  • 2 Double fold-outs

Author: Micheal Burlingame

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Signed by the Author Micheal Burlingame and Photographer Robert Shaw.

A Day Long To Be Remembered—Lincoln in Gettysburg
tells one of the greatest American stories in a wonderfully conceived book. In their second collaboration, renowned Lincoln and Civil War historian Michael Burlingame and acclaimed landscape photographer Robert Shaw tell the story of Lincoln’s central role in the legendary events of Gettysburg. 

This multifaceted book is unique among books about Lincoln and Gettysburg. Shaw’s dynamic images are woven together with Burlingame’s outstanding writing and Lincoln’s telegrams, letters, and speeches to create a dramatic exploration of Lincoln and the Gettysburg story. The book covers the seven month window of time in 1863, beginning with the invasion of Pennsylvania, through the Battle of Gettysburg and the end of the Gettysburg Campaign—leading to the development of the first national cemetery on a battlefield. The story culminates with Lincoln’s trip to Gettysburg for the dedication ceremony and his delivering of the immortal Gettysburg Address. 

A Day Long To Be Remembered — Lincoln in Gettysburg takes readers back in time, evoking a sense of the experience of that devastating, turned hopeful year in Gettysburg—a turning point in the Civil War. The images capture an ambiance, connecting with Lincoln’s words and Burlingame’s masterful writing to create a compelling and stimulating edition. 

The 220-page hardcover includes two double fold-outs, and presents rare photographs from Gettysburg from 1863. This is the first book to include a complete, high quality collection of all the surviving photographs from November 19, 1863.