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Abraham Lincoln Traveled This Way - Signed by Author Michael Burlingame and Photographer Robert Shaw

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Signed by Author Michael Burlingame and Photographer Robert Shaw

Abraham Lincoln Traveled This Way—The America Lincoln Knew is a look back through the window of time into Lincoln's world. Renowned Lincoln historian Dr. Michael Burlingame and acclaimed landscape photographer Robert Shaw explore the places and the land that were a part of Abraham Lincoln's life—from his early years in Kentucky and Indiana, through the 29 years he lived in Illinois, until he went east to Washington, D.C. to serve as President.

The book is a collection of captivating images and scholarly excellence which takes readers on a visual journey that is unique among books about Abraham Lincoln. Dr. Burlingame's writing and Shaw's images are woven together with Lincoln's own words to create an elegant and exciting exploration of Lincoln's life story.

The 276-page hardcover book is a culmination of five years of research and hundreds of days of photography in ten states and the District of Columbia. Shaw traveled over a hundred thousand miles in the making of the images for the book, which range from the Mississippi River to New Hampshire. The book begins at Lincoln's birthplace in Kentucky, moves through his younger years in Indiana, offers a comprehensive view of his twenty-nine years in Illinois, travels to The White House and the years of the Civil War, and concludes with a poignant epilogue by Michael Burlingame.

Abraham Lincoln Traveled This Way takes readers to over seventy Lincoln historic sites and dozens of other locations Lincoln traveled, including eighteen National and State Historic Sites, two National Memorials, and a National Monument. Eighteen of these sites have been designated National Historic Landmarks. Though not a guide book, a complete list of locations will be helpful to travelers who want to discover many of these places on their own.