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Collectors Coin Set - Lincoln Legacy Edition

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This item, new in 2010, features 9 coins spanning more than 100 years of Lincoln history on U.S. coins. President Lincoln was the first president to be featured on a circulating coin, the first to be featured on both the obverse and reverse of the same coin, and he is an American icon like no other. We've surrounded the 2010 presidential $1 coin featuring our 16th President, with 8 historically significant coins all featuring Lincoln. - The Lincoln Wheat Cent - The "War Penny" - The Lincoln Memorial Cent - All 4 bicentennial 2009 Lincoln Cents (Uncirculated) - The 2010 Shield Cent (Uncirculated) Includes a parchment copy of the Gettysburg Address, given on November 19th, 1863. These beautifully showcased coins are set in the context of featured memorials and sites throughout Lincoln's history. Everything from his humble log cabin beginnings, to the Lincoln Memorial to his Presidential Library.