Collectors Coin Set - Lincoln Legacy Edition

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This item, new in 2010, features 9 coins spanning more than 100 years of Lincoln history on U.S. coins. President Lincoln was the first president to be featured on a circulating coin and is also the first to be featured on both the obverse and reverse of the same coin. The 2010 presidential $1 coin featuring our 16th President, has been surrounded with 8 historically significant coins all featuring Lincoln.

- The Lincoln Wheat Cent
- The "War Penny"
- The Lincoln Memorial Cent
- All 4 bicentennial 2009 Lincoln Cents (Uncirculated)
- The 2010 Shield Cent (Uncirculated)

Includes a parchment copy of the Gettysburg Address, given on November 19th, 1863.

These beautifully showcased coins are set in the context of featured memorials and sites throughout Lincoln's history - everything from his humble log cabin beginnings, to the Lincoln Memorial to his Presidential Library.